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Fully Ducted Air Conditioning

Fully ducted air conditioning systems are one of the more popular air conditioning styles available on the market. Commonly found in homes, offices and industrial facilities, fully ducted air conditioning provides a great combination of value, efficiency and continuity. Read on to learn more about the benefits of fully ducted air conditioning systems.

Large-scale airflow for your entire property

Fully ducted air conditioning systems provide entire properties with effective airflow control. Commonly referred to as ‘central air conditioning,’ fully ducted air conditioners rely on one large condenser/compressor unit to supply the system with power and air. This allows for quite an impressive airflow solution for your property.

Simple, Easy Control

With fully ducted air conditioning systems, all of the control for the system can be done by accessing one single panel, located in a central area of the house of your choosing. This panel allows you to control everything from temperature to timing, making operating your air conditioning system much easier than it would be if you were using single, split system air conditioners throughout the house.

Variable zone control

With select fully ducted air conditioning models, users are granted the control of being able to assign specific air temperature settings to certain ‘zones’ of each property. This grants the user a great amount of control when it comes to the temperature needs of different areas.


One great feature that many consumers enjoy with fully ducted air conditioning systems is the relative ‘invisibility’ that the system type allows. Aside from vents in the floors and ceilings of your property, you will quite literally not notice that it’s even there, as opposed to the large wall mounted units used in other air conditioning system types.


In addition to providing great initial purchase value, fully ducted air conditioning systems provide great value to properties, as they are permanent additions.

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