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Multi Split Systems

The Benefits of Multi Zone Air Conditioning Systems

On this page, explore the basics of each air conditioning type included in our service for multi split systems.

Wall mounted

Wall mounted air conditioning systems do not require any duct work or really any permanent changes to a property’s structure. Rather, wall mounted systems are attached to the wall of a room and act independently.

Under ceiling

Similar to wall-mounted air conditioners, under ceiling air conditioners do not require any duct work and are attached to a flat surface. The major difference, of course, is that under ceiling air conditioners are mounted underneath your ceiling.


Cassette air conditioning systems, commonly found in schools, offices and other large buildings, are installed flush with the ceiling and, like each of the other split system options, do not require any duct work.

A solution customised for you

If any of these air conditioning styles interest you, give us a call here at Maitland Air Conditioning. Using these options, our trained, experienced and qualified experts can create a great multi-split air conditioning system that fulfils your needs. Give us a call for a free on-site assessment and quote.

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multi split system air conditioner
multi split system air conditioning