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Here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, we provide a wide range of air conditioning installation and repair services through which we’ve been serving our clients in Maitland for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service, expertise in design and the high quality range we have to offer. For our team, no two days are the same!

Rowan Jolly

Say hello to the face behind the business, our Managing Director, Rowan Jolly!

Rowan has owned Maitland Air & Electrical for almost eight years and loves the freedom being a business owner offers... (mind you, he's always in the office!). Rowan lives for the team and keeping customers as informed as possible. We all pride ourselves on customer communication.

If you want to know why we're known for being friendly, efficient and having quality workmanship - get in touch today!

Dave Tarlinton

For our Office Administrator, Dave Tarlinton, communication is key.

Dave has been with us for over two and a half years and he would describe our communication style as, “Very effective. We always keep each other in the loop and the customer well informed. They need to know what’s going on just as much as we do.”

Dave’s role plays a big part in this, he does everything from scheduling jobs, ordering parts, liaising with technicians, customers and suppliers, to organising quotes, invoices and doing general office duties. One thing is for sure – we’d be lost without him!


John Moses

John Moses, one of our Licensed Electricians, has been with the business for over 10 years – even before we became Maitland Air & Electrical.

John’s role is classified as an Electrical Technician and Assistant. He provides support to our customers and the team. A typical day for him would be providing electrical installations and repairs, and assisting the refrigeration team when needed.

John is a team member who is always prepared to assist others when required and someone who enjoys a chat.

Sam Siejka

Let us introduce you to Samuel (Sam) Siejka, our Electrical Apprentice.

Sam has been with the team for almost four years after completing a school course work placement. Once Sam finished school, he was offered an apprenticeship with us.

Sam is known for his pursuit of knowledge and perfecting his skills, and for him, the most likeable aspect of working with us is our “supportive and knowledgeable” work environment. His favourite type of work is control work (mainly aimed at industrial and commercial clients).

Nathan Shields

Nathan Shields is an Air Conditioning Technician, and you can count on him to ensure your temperature is perfect all year round.

Nathan is a straight-shooter and has been with the team for over a year. 

Nathan loves all the work he undertakes – whether it’s a service, a breakdown or an installation; as long as the customer is happy, he doesn’t mind! He believes to be successful in this role you need to take pride in your work, be efficient and of course, motivated!

Cooper Wilson

Cooper Wilson is one of our Air Conditioning Technicians and loves working with a team that is friendly and helpful (yep, that’s us!).

Cooper has been with the team for over two and a half years and believes that to be successful in his role you need to have a good work ethic, communicate with your customers, take pride in your work and of course, know what you’re doing – and we couldn’t agree more!

Cooper’s one piece of advice to customers is to “regularly get your air conditioner serviced and maintained.”


We’ve been providing air conditioning maintenance service to residentialcommercial and industrial property owners all over Maitland for the past 40 years. If you’re interested in joining our ranks of hundreds of satisfied customers, give us a call! We look forward to ensuring that your air conditioning system remains efficient, safe and reliable.

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With over 40 years of experience in providing high-quality air conditioning solutions for our clients, you can rest assured in knowing that Maitland Air & Electrical can do the same for you.
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