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Multizone DC Inverter Multi-head Split System

Hitachi Multizone multi-head split systems feature all DC Inverter technology and are suitable for buildings with multiple spaces of 15m2 to 50m2 (total 30m2 to 80m2) where individual control in each space is required.

Key features of the air conditioner

  • Improved comfort through the use of a DC Inverter compressor and sophisticated controls.
  • Can be used with a combination of Cassette, Wallhung or Ducted indoor units.
  • No indoor ductwork required when used with cassette or wall hung indoor units.
  • Low operating noise levels both inside and out to ensure you and your neighbours can live in peace and quiet.
  • Lower impact on the environment due to efficient operation and use of a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Enjoy the quiet life

The Hitachi Multizone range was the world’s first all DC Inverter Multisplit system with zone by zone cooling or heating for up to 6 rooms. The Hitachi DC twin-rotary compressor, together with award winning DC Inverter PAM technology, aid the achievement of a system power factor of almost 100%, thus providing unparalleled performance and efficiency. The all DC Inverter system ensures extremely sensitive and accurate temperature control through fuzzy logic and offers remarkably low sound levels.

The wide range of units have been designed for cooling operation under low temperatures, down to -10°C. This feature enables cooling to be obtained even in winter on buildings with high internal heat gains due to lighting, people and machines, particularly in areas such as shops and lecture rooms. The heating operation under low temperature, down to -15°C can also be performed. The recent integration of Multizone employing R410A refrigerant provides a comprehensive selection of DC Inverter PAM Multi-split systems, maintaining full compatibility of indoor units throughout the range.

The Hitachi Multizone compatible indoor unit range caters for all requirements offering wall mounted, 60cm x 60cm cassettes and in-the-ceiling duct units, designed to offer elegance and comfort to any application.

Download the multi split spec sheet and brochure