Energy Efficiency Systems

The energy efficiency of domestic air conditioning units is improving all the time. The Australian Government sets MEPS standards for air conditioning and all Hitachi and Temperzone units exceed the government standards.


The hot temperatures here in the Maitland area make air conditioning an absolute necessity for offices, industrial facilities and homes. Learn about our energy efficient cooling options here.


Reverse cycle air conditioning systems allow for the same system to be used in cooling and heating the home. Click to find out more about this and other energy efficient heating solutions we provide here at Maitland Air Conditioning.


Insulation is an extremely effective way to cut down on costs and energy usage regarding heating and cooling your home or office. Read more about proper insulation practices here.


Proper positioning of your outdoor air conditioning unit is crucial to ensure that your system does not violate any by-laws that are in place. Read more about our noise-reduction practices here.


Learn more about R410A, the refrigerant most commonly found in air conditioners from Hitachi, here.

Running costs

One of the most important considerations when choosing an air conditioning system is making sure you’re aware of the costs involved in keeping it running. Find out how to ensure your air conditioning is cost-efficient here.

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