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At Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, we aim to help our clients understand exactly what it is that we do. Read on to find some of the questions we’re commonly asked.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is one  of the best ways to get air moving through any property, particularly if it’s large. Ducted air conditioning systems work by moving cold or heated air through ducts which lead to different areas of your home. 

Ducted air conditioning works by making use of an outdoor fan which pumps cool air into the house. During winter, heating is controlled through a central heating system, commonly located in the basement of homes. 

What does reverse cycling mean?

Reverse cycling is the process of using the same equipment used in the process of air conditioning to control heating. Quite literally, the process of air conditioning is the reverse of the process used in heating.

This is quite an efficient way of providing heating and air conditioning circulation throughout a specific space as it allows users the ability to use one set of equipment for all their air circulation needs.

What is split system air conditioning?

Split system air conditioning provides customers and consumers with a great deal of flexibility as far as controlling the airflow of specific rooms is concerned.

Split systems make use of separate single air conditioning units that are mounted to the wall of each room. This provides the user the ability to control the air conditioning and heating condition of each room.

What is multi-zone or multi-split air conditioning?

Multi-zone or multi-split systems are effectively a cross between wall-mounted split systems and duct systems. This provides customers with quite a unique and individualised solution for air conditioning in their space.

What does zoning mean?

The term ‘zoning’ refers to the way that ducted air conditioning systems are split to provide different areas of properties/buildings with specific air conditioning solutions. This allows for quite a flexible solution for individual spaces and allows users the ability to create unique airflow solutions based on the specific needs of each room.

What does COP mean? What does EER stand for?

COP refers to the efficiency of the system during heating mode. EER refers to the efficiency of the system during cooling mode.

The higher both of these numbers are, the higher the efficiency of the airflow system.

What is a star rating? What does it refer to?

An air conditioning system’s star rating is a simple method that helps consumers determine the energy efficiency of that unit. The more stars that the unit is given, the more energy efficient it is.

Looking for more energy efficient air conditioners? We would be more than happy to suggest products and brands that meet your requirements for energy efficiency.

What is a refrigerant?

A ‘refrigerant’ is the gas that is used in the operation of air conditioners. As the name might imply, this gas allows the refrigerator the ability to provide cool air.

Common terms and definitions

Below are some common terms and their meaning. Feel free to ask our technicians for more information.


R410A is a type of refrigerant used in many quality air conditioning systems. The Australian government recommends this energy efficient refrigerant. Learn more about it here.


An ‘inverter’ is a type of air conditioning technology that allows for greater power control and lets the consumer control the power outputs of the system as needs in the house change.

Digital scroll

‘Digital scroll’ refers to a type of technology that is common and helpful in medium to large installations. This controls the variable output of each power system.


The controller is the wall-mounted panel/box through which air conditioning and heating are controlled. This provides consumers with the power to adjust their unit’s temperature, fan speed, timing, and so on.

Heating capacity

Heating capacity is the heating power of a specific system, described in kilowatts (kW). The higher the number, the larger the area that the system will cover.

Cooling capacity

Similar to heating capacity, cooling capacity is a rating which describes the power of a specific cooling system. The larger the rating, the larger the area that will be covered by the air conditioning system.


Compressor is the outside unit used in split system air conditioning systems. The compressor acts as a pump and turns the refrigerant into a useful material that can be pumped into the building through the vents.


Vents are the physical openings inside the building through which cool or warm air passes through. These vents are usually found in the walls, ceiling, or floor.


Ducts are flexible tubes through which cooled or heated air travels. This is commonly used in full-ducted systems.

Cassette Unit

Cassette units are a specialised type of indoor air control units that do not require a duct. These ducts are commonly found in the ceiling of office buildings.

Ductless system

Ductless systems describe any type of air conditioning systems that do not use ducts. This includes cassette units, wall-mounted split systems, and multi zone systems.

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