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Why Hitachi is the leading brand for healthier living

If healthy living and finding the perfect balance are your key values, then Maitland Air and Electrical and Hitachi have you covered. We understand your family’s need for comfort and clean air. For this reason, we install more Hitachi air conditioners for healthy living than any other leading brand, ensuring more Hunter Valley homes have world class innovation and clean air, every day.

Hitachi is worth the investment, with a 7-year warranty, a strong focus on clean air technology, energy efficiency and the latest innovative features, Hitachi create the clean living we all aspire to own. We make installation and finding the right Hitachi air conditioner simple and easy. Contact us today to find out which Hitachi unit is right for your home.

On the surface, air conditioners can look fairly similar. But dig deeper and you’ll find each brand offers distinctive features. With technology, sustainability, energy efficiency and clean air at the forefront of everything they do, here are a few reasons why Hitachi is the leading brand for ‘clean air and innovative technology’ not only here in Australia, but around the world.

The Air of Life

Hitachi have invested a lifelong journey into finding the essential balance in life when it comes to air. Looking to the past for traditional heritage and craftmanship in perfection, elegance and care, they have transformed this into modern and innovative air conditioners.

Always looking for the perfect temperature between cold and hot – Hitachi believe the perfect balance of life is to create comfortable living spaces.

The result: the perfect, comfortable living space with efficient and healthy air for you and your family

Because as Hitachi knows - air is life.


How do you achieve the cleanest air possible? Hitachi’s innovative Frostwash, that’s how.

Frostwash technology eliminates dust, mould and bacteria build up on your air conditioner and through the process of freezing and melting transforms this into clean, healthy air.

Hitachi Frostwash promises a 91 per cent reduction in bacteria mould and reduction of bacteria, and 87 per cent reduction of mould in your unit. Hitachi provide your indoor environment with fresher, cleaner air. For the purest air quality, the S-Series also features an additional Nano-Titanium pre-filter as well as the unique Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying filter.

Smart Air

If perfect comfort teamed with the smartest technology is important in your home, then Hitachi Smart Air technology is your new best friend.

The list of Smart features is almost too long to mention but let’s start here:

  • Share with your family – access for up to 20 people
  • Manage air conditioning from your mobile
  • Adapt to your routine through intuitive scheduling
  • Smart fencing technology for location-based automatic air conditioning
  • Automatic comfort as you arrive and automatic savings as you leave
  • Talk with voice commands with air cloud home

For the latest in-home comfort technology, contact Maitland Air and Electrical and ask us about the Hitachi Smart Air features compatible with your home.

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