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Do You Want a Split System Air Conditioner

Its the simple, flexible & affordable solution

Inverter air conditioners for single rooms or smaller open spaces

Inverter Wall Hung Split Systems

Wall Hung Split System air conditioners are a simple and affordable way to air condition single rooms or smaller open spaces.

A wall mounted Split System air conditioner is one of the most popular ways to air condition your home.

The major benefits of wall mounted air conditioners are:

Cost: A Wall hung split systems air conditioner is low cost to both buy and install.

Flexibility: You can air condition one room at a time to suit your need and budget.

Control: As each split system air conditioner is a completely separate unit you can can set each room at a different temperature.

Nano Titanium Filter*

Hitachi’s Nano Titanium Filter ensures germs and bacteria that manage to pass through the stainless prefilter are captured by super fine Air Purifying Filter and effectively neutralised. The Hitachi prefilter covers the entire air inlet to make sure dust and other particles can’t get in.

*Nano Titanium Filtration is standard on RAS 50, 60, 70 and 80 models and optional on the RAS 25 and 35 models

Hitachi have a range of Inverter Split Systems to suit every home

  • Reverse cycle
  • 6 sizes, 2.5kW to 8.0kW
  • Single rooms/spaces up to 80m²
  • Outdoor unit can be up to 30m from indoor unit (depending on model)
  • All DC Inverter with PAM
  • High efficiency
  • Improved comfort inverter control

Why Choose Fully Ducted Air Conditioning

Fully Ducted – Simply the best way to air condition your whole home.

Fully Ducted air conditioning has many benefits:

Cooling & Heating for your whole home: Every room has all year round heating and cooling.

Finger Tip Control: A single simple control point for zones, temperature and timers.

Up to 6 Zones : With up to 6 separate zones you get air conditioning to suit your lifestyle.

Even air distribution: No hot or cold spots in your home.

Extensive range: The combined Hitachi and Temperzone range of ducted systems lets you choose from 20 different Inverter, Digital Scroll and Premium systems. With systems ranging from 7 to 27 kW cooling capacity and available in both single and three phase, there is a ducted solution ideally suited to your home.

Style: A ducted air conditioning system blends into each room and does not interfere with your interior design.

Low Noise: Ducted air conditioning is truly whisper quiet as all of the noise making components are outside or in the ceiling.

Increases the value of your home: Adding a ducted air conditioning system will actually increase the resale value of your home.

Do you want a Multizone – Multi Split system

Inverter Air Conditioning

Hitachi Multizone is the ideal solution when ductwork is a problem

In many modern homes, home units, apartments or town houses fully ducted air conditioning is impossible or very expensive to install due to the structure of the building.

Hitachi Multizone is the solution.

Hitachi Multizone – Multi Spilt systems give you an air conditioning solution similar to fully ducted, without the need for ceiling or under floor space for ductwork.

Hitachi Multizone allows a combination of wall mounted, under ceiling, cassette and ducted components all run from a single outdoor unit and a central controller.

In stead of ductwork, Hitachi Multizone – Multi Spilt uses easy to conceal refrigerant piping. Multizone – Multi Spilt gives the flexibility to suit a wide range of building styles.

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