How to avoid an electrical DIY nightmare when renovating

Are you planning a DIY electrical renovation this year? We know Aussie’s love to do it all at home themselves, but there are some signs to look out for that might suggest you should bring in outside help for your project.

Did you know in Australia each year 40 per cent of house fires are caused by electrical faults and electrical appliances? Nobody wants to put their family at risk and cause damage to their newly renovated home just to save a few dollars installing wires yourself.

It’s simple things that many don’t think will cause a problem, but they do. When it comes to wiring, it is essential you get it right. Not properly securing it or using the incorrect size can cause the wires to overheat and risk a house fire. It is also in breach of violations. In fact, you could find yourself up to $22,000 out of pocket for electrical work in your home that hasn’t been undertaken by a licenced or certified electrician.

Knowing that, what is safe for you to do yourself?

If you do feel confident to do some of your own electrical work, we recommend sticking to jobs that present less risk to your home.

Here is a list of things you can do without calling us for help:

  • Install lights throughout your garden
  • If your smoke detector is battery operated, you can install this yourself
  • You can definitely go ahead and change any light bulbs throughout your home, this includes LED lights
  • It is safe to re-wire old-style fuses

Just make sure to keep in mind the legal requirements and safety you need to adhere to.

What electrical work is illegal for me to do in my DIY reno?

Some electrical tasks seem to be easy enough to do yourself, especially if you are handy with tools. Not only can these jobs present serious risk to you and your house, but they are also actually illegal to do unless you are a licensed electrician.

So, if you need to do any of the below electrical jobs in your home, we recommend bringing in a professional:

  • Changing a light switch or power point
  • Restoring an electrical appliance that is no longer working
  • Fitting a new light
  • Mounting a ceiling fan

Why do I need to hire an electrician?

Electricians are kept up to date on all the wiring rules from ‘Standards Australia’ and know how to keep you and your family safe.

We have over four decades of experience which means we can help keep your home safe. What really sets us apart is our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, as well as our high levels of communication with our clients.

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