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Since our inception, we have already served thousands of home and business owners in NSW. This includes the charming suburb of Bolwarra Heights, located in Maitland with a population of a little more than 2,500.

So if you are living or have a commercial establishment here, then feel free to call your top technicians at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical! Our small team consists of licensed and reliable technicians, so you can rest assured that we will render immediate attention on installation or repair services for your air conditioning and refrigerator needs.

We are at your service anytime of the day, any day of the week. Feel free to read below the services we offer our Bolwarra Heights clients.


For concerns regarding the right kind of air conditioner for your home or office, you must consult with an expert to get the right answers. Remember that certain aircon units work for certain types of spaces. In fact, the size of the area and the purpose of the air conditioner play an important role.

With the help of our experts at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, we can explain this in depth to you to give you a better understanding of your options. We shall be providing you with the recommended unit/s to consider for optimal cooling or heating –whether it be for your home or office in Bolwarra Heights.


After the proper consultation and discussions are over and done with, you can eventually decide which unit/s to have installed. The good thing about having us as your installer is that we are capable of handling just about any type, size and brand of your aircon.

Trust Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical to be there right from day 1 until completion of the installation. Promptly dispatching our licensed technicians, we make sure that your units are amply installed to provide the optimal cooling or heating quality that you are expecting.

All these, with an assurance that our services adhere to the strict policies of the NSW Fair Trading and to Australian safety standards.


A smooth functioning air conditioner offers ultimate comfort. If you are a business owner, say a restaurateur, it pays that your place offers maximum convenient to your guests. Same goes if you own a home and you live with young children who love running around the house. An air conditioner simply does offer the benefit of comfortable living.

Hence, Bolwarra Heights residents and business owners should never take for granted the proper maintenance of your air conditioners. This is something many overlook and have later on paid dearly. Though it may seem that your units are functioning properly and efficiently, it still remains that they do require proper periodic check-ups.

Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical can provide the best qualified technicians that can properly provide the initial assessments to determine if your machines are truly functioning at 100%.

Do remember that it would be best to spot defects or problems early on to prevent them from going worse. Give us a call for the details of our maintenance packages.


Did your air conditioner conk out on you? Don’t panic – Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical is here to render assistance, detect the problem and explain it to you, and suggest solutions before adopting them.

All you have to do is get in touch with our team and we will immediately dispatch our service technicians to help determine the cause of the breakdown. Note that Maitland Air Conditioning will need some inputs from those who operate the units which could be helpful prior to the actual inspection of the unit internally.

We are available round the clock so you don’t have to worry about suffering breakdowns even in the middle of the night.

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