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Branxton Air Conditioning and Electrical Services

The people of Branxton, a key suburb in Hunter Valley, will have less things to worry about as far as air conditioning and electrical needs are concerned. That’s because Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical is here and ready to serve!

Branxton’s population of about 1,900 will have top-notch services courtesy of your qualified technicians from Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical.

Here are some of the services that Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical has to offer over in Braxton, NSW for both domestic and commercial purposes.


Start your air conditioner planning right and get help from the people who know it best. Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical houses the best technical experts in the business, able to provide you with optimal solutions when it comes to more detailed information on your aircon options.

Just call us up at your earliest convenience. We’ll then send a licensed technician to sit down and discuss your needs. After a thorough discussion and inspection of the site, our technical expert will show you his recommendation for the best air conditioning system depending on your needs.


Whatever brand you decide to use, Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical can help provide installation services that meet the requirements of NSW. Our technicians are certified and licensed experts who can easily get the job done for you professionally.

All you have to do is call us up so our technicians can head on over to your Branxton resident, business or industrial property to install your chosen air conditioning system. We install almost all brands of air conditioners found in Australia, including Hitachi and Mitsubishi. Schedule you appointment with us soon!


Over time, your air conditioning system can depreciate and. But how long you can maximise its use depends on how well you were able to take care of it. This is why it is important that you ensure proper maintenance of your unit right from the day you had it installed. Best to get Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical to take care of this with you in Branxton.

By hiring us for maintenance work, you are doing yourself a big favour in prolonging the air conditioning unit’s life. Ranging from small problems to expected major ones, Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical can do the necessary assessment to make sure that your units function as smooth as possible while avoiding major costs and problems in the long run.


Air conditioning units are not perfect and due to length of use, they are susceptible to wear and tear. But while sudden outages or breakdowns are to be expected, they can also be avoided. Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical is the best company to provide the remedy.

Here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, we offer prompt and professional repair services for air conditioners. And even if the unfortunate incident happens in an unusual time of the day, your aircon specialists are ready to address your emergency repair needs.

Contact your Branxton aircon specialists!

Your air conditioning and electrical systems are in good hands with Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical. Whether it be consultation, maintenance or repairs, you can count on us to address and deliver the service you need quickly and efficiently.  Give us a call today!

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