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Cessnock is one of the most historically rich areas of Maitland. In addition to being the home of many residents, Cessnock is also known for it’s industrial facilities and wineries, all types of buildings that we are licensed and capable to provide air conditioning services to.

Read on to discover more about our air conditioning and electrical services in Cessnock.


With a whole host of air conditioning models and styles out there, it’s not hard to see how one could get overwhelmed. Terms like ‘split system,’ ‘fully ducted’ and ‘multi-split’ can get a bit confusing if you’re not too familiar with air conditioning systems.

Here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, we use our experience in servicing all types of air conditioners to help our clients choose a system that is right for their property. Our consultation services include a free quote accompanied by an on-site inspection.


In providing extensive air conditioning services to residential, winery, industrial and commercial facilities in Cessnock, our technicians have gained a firm grasp on the protocols and regulations regarding the installation of various air conditioning types.

As such, when you choose to work with Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, you can be that your air conditioning system will be installed correctly and efficiently, providing you with robust service.


With a population of over 20,000, it’s no surprise that Cessnock has quite literally hundreds of buildings, each with their own air conditioning maintenance needs.

Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical is both qualified and experienced enough to fulfil these maintenance needs. We’ve got experience in working with some of the most popular air conditioning makes, including models from Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

Maintenance should be seen as the ultimate preventative measure regarding your air conditioning system’s health and here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical, our service provides just that.


When you’ve got Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical on your side, you can rest assured in knowing that you’ve got a team of reliable, dedicated, qualified and experienced air conditioning experts working to get your air conditioning system back up and running.

We know that issues don’t wait until working hours to pop up, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning services. If you run into an issue at any time of the day or night, just give us a call and our emergency staff will assist you.

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If you’re a residential, commercial or industrial property owner in the Cessnock area, we hope you’ll keep Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical in mind for your air conditioning and electrical needs. We look forward to providing you the same high level of service we’ve been providing our clients in Cessnock and other regions for several years.

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