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With a population of roughly 67,000, Maitland is one of our largest customer bases here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical. Featuring a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential facilities, Maitland has provided our technicians with a wealth of practical experience in providing services for virtually every building style and air conditioning type out there.

Read on to discover more about our air conditioning and electrical services in Maitland.


In providing air conditioning services to property owners in Maitland, we’ve developed a firm understanding of the proper applications of various air conditioning styles based on the many types of buildings located in the region. We aim to use this knowledge and experience to make the process of choosing a system much easier for our clients.

Whether you own an office building or a two bedroom home, through our consultation services, we’re able to help you choose an air conditioning system that’s right for you.


Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of purchasing an air conditioning system, then comes one of the most crucial stages; installing it. Whatever air conditioning style you’ve chosen for your property, we guarantee that Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical has worked with that type of system before.

From ensuring proper ductwork sealing to installing the correct filters, we follow all the proper regulations and protocols to ensure that each job we perform is done right.


Maintenance, in many ways, is the ultimate preventative measure regarding your air conditioning system’s health. Trust Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical to provide your system with the quality service that it needs to stay running efficiently and safely.

We’ve got experience in working with some of the most popular air conditioning makes, including models from Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

Whether you’ve got a cassette system or a multi-split system, you can rest assured in knowing that we’ve got you covered.


Our service team here at Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical consists of reliable, dedicated, qualified and experienced air conditioning experts. When you’re in need of repair for your air conditioning system, all of these qualities come together to ensure that your system is back up and running as soon as possible.

We know that issues with your air conditioning don’t wait until morning to arise, and so we offer 24-hour emergency repair service. If you run into an issue at any time of the day or night, just give us a call and we’ll assist you swiftly.

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If you’re a residential, commercial or industrial property owner in the Maitland area, we hope you’ll keep Maitland Air Conditioning & Electrical in mind for your air conditioning and electrical needs. We look forward to providing you the same high level of service we’ve been providing our clients in the great city of Maitland and it’s surrounding suburbs for several years.

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