The tell-tale signs your home needs electrical rewiring

Are you living in a home that was built in the 50s, 60s or 70s? Whilst it may be full of charm, it may also be a sign that your house may need an electrical rewiring. Living in an older house, you may not be aware of the signs that indicate a rewiring.

Whilst it may be bothersome to organise a complete electrical rewiring, it can be extremely dangerous if left. As wiring decays over time, you may begin to see signs that something is wrong. Ignoring these signs could result in electrical fires, so what are these warning signs that you should watching out for?

Three important signs that your home may need electrical rewiring

1. Fluctuations in power

Are you noticing inconsistencies in your power? Does it keep going on and off without warning? Fluctuation can be caused by loose wiring or overloaded sockets. If you don’t have multiple extension cords connected, and still notice fluctuations in power, this may indicate a more serious problem.

2. Flickering lights

When seeing flickering or dimming lights, your first thought may be that there is a problem with the lightbulb. However, a decline in power is often synonymous with loose wiring. This can be one of the most common signs that your house needs an electrical rewiring.

3. Growing need for extension cords

Overloaded extension cords can cause electrical fires. Keep in mind than extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis.

If you find yourself constantly needing to use extension cords, it is a good sign that your house needs electrical rewiring to add additional sockets into your home.

What are the benefits of a full electrical rewiring?

There are so many benefits of having your home rewired, especially if you have an older home. The benefits include:


If you live in an older home, the wiring can have decayed and can cause fuses to blow, which can be extremely dangerous. If not replaced, old wiring has been known to cause fires.

Taking care of your family and your home is a huge priority. An electrical rewiring can help you get some peace of mind that you, and your home will be protected from the deterioration of old wiring.

Electrical rewiring means your family and home will be better protected from the deterioration of old wiring.

To ensure the safety of your home and your family be sure to contact a professional licenced technician to complete your houses’ electrical rewiring.

Long-term cost savings

It can be easy to put off rewiring, but issues that arise can be more costly, as you deal with them one-by-one. A rewiring can help avoid issues from occurring at all.

House valuation increase

When it comes time to sell your home it can be a great selling point to be able to promote that it has be rewired. This will signify to potential buyers of the investment you have made in your home, as well as an indicator of safety.

Don’t wait for your wiring to cause a problem, think ahead and rewire your house first.

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